Best Smartwatches For Texting – What Smartwatch Can You Text On?

There are plenty of models that are present when one is searching best smartwatches for texting. As such, one should be able to compare and contrast to make sure that his watch of choice can perform the tasks that he wants such as; sending textsmaking calls or even running his favorite apps.

We have updated our list of Best Smartwatch for Texting Oct, 2020

We monthly buy products and test all the Smartwatch brands. During the last 12 months, a couple of Top smartwatch brands on the list have lost their position. We have updated our list of Best Smartwatch for Texting for Oct, 2020, Please have a look. If you are looking for the Best Smartwatches for Teenagers or kids then you may have a look into this article Best Smartwatches for Teens and smartwatches for kids before buying a good and suitable smartwatch.

Did you know that you can also get a smartwatch to text on? When you want a smartwatch that can send and receive texts, it means that you get to be notified of text messages that are being sent to your phone. Thus you can access the message through your smartwatch and respond to it there and then. Examples of watches that can send text messages include:

1. Apple Watch Series 3 - Best Smartwatch For Texting

Apple watch is by far the best best texting smartwatch of 2020. It enables you to reply calls and texts using touch screen of your smartwatch.This is often the most advanced and preferred smartwatch by people. It is one of the most expensive smartwatches available in the market today. It has an unbelievably clear screen that enables you to see the message that has been sent to you clearly. To respond to the message it gives an option of typing out the reply or dictating it through your voice. There are also default replies where you can send a long message. 

The voice recognition software in this device is different from that of android gadgets or Google. The apple watch boasts a wide range of applications inclusive of heart rate monitors, gyroscope and even accelerator.

2. Samsung Gear Sport - Best SmartWatch That Can Text On​

This is one of the most popular smartwatches. It fits plenty of mini-apps into its storage space, offering plenty of features. It is excellent in tracking health and sports data with features such as speed monitors, heart rate monitors and calorie count. On top of this, the watch is and can be used as a tap payment device.

It has a battery life of up to 7 days. This means it does not need regular charging. It has an alert feature that enables you to give replies to text messages straight from the watch, very quickly.

3. LG Watch Urbane - Best Android Smartwatch for Texting

This can be classified among the best looking smartwatch on the market today. It suits a person with a classical taste. This watch enables you to perform plenty of your digital activities without using your smartphone. To respond to messages pushed to your watch, you only need the OK Google command. The watch has a voice recognition meaning that it recognizes your voice and responds to your commands since it can identify every word. Its screen is large; hence you can type out your reply instead of doing so verbally.

A leather strap with a stainless steel body characterizes this watch. It has a bright screen that allows you to access the apps of your choice and it is actually colored! The battery capacity is unbelievably high, and thus the catch can still retain its charge longer than an average smartwatch.

4. Motorola Moto 360 Smartwatch – Best Smartwatch For Messaging

This is a smartwatch developed by the Motorola company. Motorola is well known for its phones. It, however, started making phones too with the Moto 360 being one of them. It has become popular with plenty of reviews. The device has a very accurate voice control system that enables you to dictate a message to your phone. This means that when a message notification is sent to the phone, then you can respond to the message by dictating the reply. You can also reply to your e-mails through this watch too. Through Google voice control, you can dictate the short messages very quickly!

5. Tic Watch E – Best Android Smartwatch for Calls And Texts

This is a smartwatch brand with over a thousand reviews on Amazon and with a four-star rating making it an item to check out. It is not a common brand, evident because not many of us know about it. The watch can send messages as well as receive them. It has a circular screen that is large, with a built-in GPS, voice recognition and Google Play Apps. The phone allows you to do dictations on replies as well as make phone calls.

Final Verdict on Choosing The Best smartwatch That can Text On

The list of watches that can send messages is endless. This is evident since almost every other smartphone is created for this purpose. The fact that there is a variety of smartwatches to choose from makes it easy to access a gadget that can suit your needs even at a low price. Since the list of some of these smartwatches is here, it is up to you to choose what you want!

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